About two months ago, end of March 2018, I started to fancy the idea to get into photography. Since I usually stay home in front of the computer most of the time, it made sense to me to get into a hobby that forces me outside. I did have an analogue single lens reflex camera back in the days (20 years ago - probably more), but I never knew how to use it correctly. Never the less, the pictures that I took were not too bad. However, because it was a pain to have the pictures developed, and because it was expensive, I did not take many pictures. I had the one or other compact camera, which made decent photographs. But so far I never thought of photography as an hobby. Also, I did not understand the obsession with cameras on mobile phones. That used to be a nice feature, but not an important one. Lately, I investigated what kind of photo camera would make sense to buy to get a little serious. By reading about photography on the Internet I quickly got the impression that system cameras are the way to go, and that Sony seems to be interesting. So I was interested in the Sony Alpha 6000, because the price was rather appealing. Since I wanted some counsel, I looked for a shop and got some information from a shop assistant there. I arrived at the decision to buy the Sony Alpha 6500, together with two objectives, a 128 GB SD card and an additional battery. With that equipment I felt ready to start. Since I like riding my bike, but usually did not do it in my spare time, I made some little tours in different directions out of Vienna and took photos on the way. Also, I went to the Myra waterfalls by train to take some photos there. So far the idea worked that the camera drives me out into nature.